In accordance to the factory general quality aspects and framing its customer demands which requires us to pass social Complaince Inspection, updating SEDEX inspections in regularly periodic times within year.

We are praised ourselves giving imprtance to customer tendancies to fashion, aesthetic and quality which allow us to sought company among the others.




Quality Policy

  • To perceving customer quality demands, price, delivery and lead times is to fulfilled their social compliance expectations from us to adquire long lasting relations.
  • To reaching required quality level of customer demand, is to understand and follow customer quality demads from us.
  • To anticipating to impede production faults and risks to having used technological equipments. which may be faced off during production to having used technological equipments.
  • To following production procedures is monitoring to every part of production to reach required quality satisfaction
  • To leading the factory and production management is to run smoothly
  • To Participating factory workers into our aims and goals
  • Adopting quality policy is to supoorting our main suppliers of which to build up quality management system in their premise and looking for mutual beneficial transaction between them.

Safety and Health at work

We are as Erbos,having concious on safety and healty at work issues are very important that we are creating the this culture in our factory. We are moving on taking all necessary measures preventing work accidents at all in our premise. In this common sense we are working and improve ourselves regularly

  • We are abiding in terms of law and regulations of Safety and Healty at work
  • We are guiding and making concious of our workers on Safety and Healty at work!
  • We arrange all our workers, suppliers and visitos to follow ISG (Occupational safety and health) rules and regulations
  • To ascertain and remove the reasons and excuses beforehand which causes work accidents
  • In accordance with creating efficient working envirement is our always aim to follow up!


Erbos Socks has a broad vision with projects on its products and service of process management, having a solid fundemantal structure is enable us to prepare ourselves future from now on and reach the beyonds. Supporting sustainable success with the belief which always better can be done, takes us becoming a world brand its sector


Offering its procut and service in competiitve price range, quality , speed is to gather technology, cosider its Basic responsibility to maintain its existence with renewed areas acted in accordance with customer demands and others while respecting society and the environment, being prudent towards it employees is the most important resource by contstantly increasing its values and fundemantal moves towards future which allow us being important represantatives of TURKEY in international markets.

Our values

    • Respecting towards diversity and different beliefs and acting fairly to every employee and others
    • Improving teammates ability and occupational skills.
    • Determining teammates skils and evaluate them properly.
    • Conducting all our business activities in accordance with law and regulations

Our Target

We are as ERBOS SOCKS, is to aim to increase awareness of the socks produced in our facility and make them wearable. For this reason we are constantly keeping our existing quality at top level and striving to improve it rapidly. In order to achive customer satisfaction at highest level, we are monitoring every part of production closely. Fort his reason, we are producing many brands in European and worlds reputable brands which cause to take us its place among the exporters of our country.