Thermocool is a Smartfiber which enables to offer superior confort  with dual thermo-flow feature regardless what the season is.   It is ideal tecnology that prevents cold feeling by blocking sudden temperature changing while taking out heating which caused humity helps away from body


It is polyester basis fiber.    The cavities inside the Thermolite fiber structure make the garment not only  warmer and but also lighter.Soğuk havalarda vücudun sıcaklığını koruyarak konforun devamlılığını sağlamaktadır. Geniş lif yüzeyi buharlaşmayı kolaylaştırmakta ve nemin deriden ve kumaştan daha hızlı uzaklaştırılmasını sağlamaktadır It maintains the warmth of body during the cold weather conditions and ensure confort to consumers continuosly.   Wider surface of the fiber maintains evaporation and allows moisture from removal of the human body skin.


Cordura is a high densely synthetic fiber against resistant of abrasion, tearing and tearing-impact.

Technical Characteristics

  • 2 times more durable against polyamide
  • 3 times more durable against polyester
  • 10 times more durable against cotton


Kevlar as a fiber which is  made of light carbon is origin basis.     It has a high tensile strength and flexibility module. Also it has a high resistance against tearing, scratching, abrasion.